Unit Counts & Square Footage


Unit count information as of February 28, 2015

1 Small formats include Amigo, Supermercado, Walmart on Campus and Super Ahorros banners.
2 Africa includes South Africa (360), Botswana (11), Ghana (1), Lesotho (3), Malawi (2), Mozambique (5), Namibia (4), Nigeria (6), Swaziland (1), Tanzania (1), Uganda (1) and Zambia (1).

Note: Effective, January 31, 2010, we changed the methodology for presenting our unit counts to be consistent with the financial statements. Therefore, as with all prior reports, the U.S. unit counts continue to be reported based on a January 31 year end, International unit counts are presented based on a December 31 year-end.

Historical Unit Count and Square Footage

Fiscal Year 2015
Fiscal Year 2014

Fiscal Year 2013
For additional historical unit count and square footage information, please refer to  Walmart 10-K filings