Board of Directors Committee Information

Walmart is committed to operating with integrity. Our values of honesty, fairness and objectivity guide our business and ensure we maintain the trust of our shareholders.

Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information. To learn more about the committees or board members, click the names in the chart. To contact a board member, email

  Audit   Compensation,
Nominating &
Global Compensation  Strategic Planning & Finance Technology
Independent Directors            
Aida M. Alvarez
James I. Cash, Jr.Presiding DirectorFinancial Expert M   M
Roger C. Corbett          M  
Pamela J. CraigFinancial Expert M          
Douglas N. Daft   M        
Timothy P. FlynnFinancial Expert C          
Tom HortonFinancial Expert M          
Marissa A. Mayer         M M
Steven S Reinemund         C 
Kevin Systrom   M       M
Linda S. Wolf    C       M
Inside Directors             
Michael T. Duke    

C. Douglas McMillon     C C    
Gregory B. Penner       M M C
Jim C. Walton     M  
S. Robson WaltonChairman of the Board     M M